Products Grasping Forceps, T-Pattern Forceps, Fan Retractor, Ring-Pattern and more.

Endo Suction-/Irrigation

Tubes, WL 330 mm, for EAI-0292

Working Length Product No.
Ø 5 mm EAI-0284
Ø 10 mm EAI-0285

Handle EAI-0292

Grasping Forceps with Spring Handle

Ø5 mm, WL 330 mm

Bowel Forceps EAI-0286

Square-Pattern Forceps EAI-0293

T-Pattern Forceps EAI-0287

Ring-Pattern Forceps EAI-0294

Atraumatic Grasping Forceps EAI-0288

Fan Retractor,Ø5 mm, WL 340 mm


Fan Retractor, Ø 10 mm, WL 380 mm


Speculum with Blade 3 s for Extractioofn Gall Bladder, WL 55 mm


Cholangiography Probe, Radiolucent, WL 330 mm

Working Length Product No.
Ø 11.0 mm EAI-0295
Ø 12.5 mm EAI-0296

3 Prong Grasper

Aggressive 3 Prong Grasper, 5 mm, WL 330 mm EAI-0297