Endoch baskets are used for all your process of cleaning the surgical instruments; organizing, storing and protecting them even during transportation and sterilization.

Wire Baskets and DIN standard baskets with perforated sidewalls provide greater instrument protection and satisfy all requirements of instrument sterilization. Our comprehensive range of stainless steel trays are available in a variety of sizes and styles; with and without lid options.

Perforated Trays Baskets  For 1/1 Full Size

Image Code Outside Dimension
21.11.06L 546 x 259 x 64 mm
21.11.08L 546 x 259 x 84 mm
21.11.11L 546 x 259 x 114 mm
Image Code Outside Dimension
21.11.06 540 x 253 x 60 mm
21.11.08 540 x 253 x 80 mm
21.11.11 540 x 253 x 110 mm

Perforated Trays Baskets For 3/4 Middle Size