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Endoch baskets are used for all your process of cleaning the surgical instruments; organizing, storing and protecting them even during transportation and sterilization.

Wire Baskets and DIN standard baskets with perforated sidewalls provide greater instrument protection and satisfy all requirements of instrument sterilization. Our comprehensive range of stainless steel trays are available

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Small Models

As an addition to all standard sizes, Endoch also provides smaller containers like Mini, Dental, ½ Dental, Endo, Implant, Scopy and Mini Implant Model for preparation of many surgeries like dental or micro surgeries.

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Premium Model

Superior constraction of anodized aluminium that strenghtens 15%-20% more
than containers of other brands.
Endoch premium model container systems are designed to perfect steam flow and
penetration for loads in accordance to the standards and can be used with
single use paper filter or reusable PTFE (Teflon) filters.
Warrants sterilization of enclosed

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