Fujinon Gastroscope EG-530WR

 The EG-530WR offers a wide field of view of 140° and a reliable CCD chip to provide exceptional visualisation of the examined area. Additionally, a working channel of 2.8 mm facilitates a broad range of procedures such as biopsies and treatments. 

Fujinon Gastroscope EG-450WR5

 Video endoscopy is a process by which the pathologist will determine the swallowing capacity of a patient. The Fujinon EG- 450WR5 is a high-resolution camera that allows for superb visualization and crystal clear dramatic images with stunning contrast with its broad view of 140 degrees. The device can be inserted without any problems with its 2.8mm working channel. It has a thin 9.44mm outer diameter. 

Olympus CF-Q160AL Video Colonoscope

  • Field of View: 140°.
  • Direction of View: Forward.
  • Depth of Field: 3 - 100 mm.
  • Outer Diameter: 12.8 mm.
  • Angulation: 180° Up/Down, 160° Right/Left.
  • Working Length: 168 cm.
  • Total Length: 200 cm.
  • Biopsy Channel: 3.7 mm.

Olympus CF-H180AL Video Colonoscope

Evis Exera II Video Colonoscope with wide-screen image with 12.8mm diameter, 3.7mm channel, 170 deg field of view, 168cm working length and angulation of 180 deg /180 deg (up/down), 160 deg /160 deg (right/left).

Olympus PCF-H180AL Video Colonoscope

 The slim EVIS EXERA II PCF-H180AL/I is equipped with a high-definition HDTV image sensor to provide clear and detailed images, while Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) enhances visualization of the capillary network and mucosal morphology. There's even a Close Focus function for up-close viewing with no loss of resolution. 

Fujinon Colonoscope EC-530LS

 Designed with improved therapeutic access in mind, the slim 11.5mm diameter insertion tube and 3.8mm working channel provide the best possible handling without compromising the introduction of accessories. A forward water jet function is incorporated for lavage in critical situations.