Extended Warranty


  • Program Description. Extended warranty program is good for all clients ; We call it worry free program, you keep equipment in a top notch condition, and you maintain your cost and you profit with you choice of suitable matching category to your needs.
  • How does it work :  Subject to an annual contract, and depending on the number of scopes or forecasted number of studies to be performed per  one year, extended warranty is designed into four different categories: Bronze, Silver,Gold and Platinum , each category entails a specific payment per scope per year, to be paid on monthly installments against and extended warranty to the Scope.
  • When Combined with your choice of Loaner Program you maintain your capacity as planned at all the times, thus you maintain endoscopy unit productivity with no down time what so ever.
  • Extended warranty cover ALL repairs levels except the following exclusions:
    • Fluid Invasion and camera (CCD) repairs
    • Defect and or Damages resulting from wear and tear, misuse, abuse, improper storage, improper transit, or use of non-approved accessories and or consumables
    • Equipment Physical appearance or cosmetics, whether specified herein or not, which have no bearing on its functional performance such as exterior scratches, faded numbers, paint , etc...
    • Physical or operational defects to equipment resulting from or caused by improper packing or damage during shipment to Endoch Inc. facility for any reason.