Hysteroscopy, Instruments and Accessories for the Laparoscopy, Resectoscopy, and Tubal Sterilisation for Single and Double Punkture.

Diagnostic Hysteroscope Sheath fixed/rotatable – 1 Stopcock, with Distanceholder

Product Number Description Length
EAI-1144 fixed for Optic   Ø 4 mm
EAI-1145 fixed for Optic   Ø 2,7 mm
EAI-1146 outer diam. 5 mm, rotatable for Optic   Ø 4 mm
EAI-1147 outer diam. 3,5 mm, rotatable for Optic Ø 2,7 mm

Obturator for Diagnostic Hysteroscope Sheath

Product Number Description Length
EAI-1148 Obturator for Sheath Ø 5 mm
EAI-1149 Obturator for Sheath Ø 3,5 mm

Diagnostic Continuous Flow Hysteroscopy, Sheath for 2 Stopcocks, with Obturator

Product Number Description Length
EAI-1150 diam. 6,5 mm, fixed for Optic Ø 4 mm
EAI-1151 diam. 5 mm, fixed for Optic Ø 2,7 mm

Working Element Albarrandeflecting Mechanism, 1 Working Channel 7 Fr., for Optic 4 mm


Albarran Sheath, with Obturator , 21 Fr.

21 Fr.


Operating Hysteroscope Sheath with Distanceholder and Obturator for Hysteroscope 4 mm, 2 Stopcocks, rotatable

Product Number Description
EAI-1155 1 Working Channel 7 Fr.
EAI-1156 Outer diam. 8,4 mm – 2 Working Channel – 2 x 5 Fr.

Continuous Flow Operating Sheath with Obturator, Outer- and Inner Sheath for Hysteroscope 4mm / 2.7mm

Product Number Description Length
EAI-1157-00  Working Channel 7 Fr. for Optic Ø 4 mm
EAI-1158 Outer diam. 6,5 mm – Working Channel 5 Fr. for Optic Ø 2,7 mm

Portio Adaptor

Product Number Description Image
EAI-1159 Portio Adaptor, small
EAI-1160 Portio Adaptor, large

Semi-rigid Surgery Instruments 7 Fr., 400mm

Product Number Description Image
EAI-1162 Scissors
EAI-1163 Alligator Forceps
EAI-1164 Biopsy Forceps