• Transport Cart With Door 21.26″W x 26.20″D x 60.60″H
  • Doors open 270′ degrees to rest on the sides.
  • Shelves-type carts can be customized for the provided Bin’s model to provide stability and easy handling.
  • All other specs. and dimensions compatible with IPAC and hospital guidelines standards.
  • Rubber Bumper to prevent any damage to walls /Cart.
  • All Castors are high-temperature resistant.
    Only two Castors have lock ability.
  • Customization is available upon request and do-ability.
  • All Carts will include a clean, and soil indicator and Hospital ID tag for easy tracing if requested.
  • Doors come with Knobs and lock.
  • All rooftops are 5-degree slop to the back.
  • All Carts are entirely washable.
Item Number Description
KRT-10 Endoscopy Transport Cart, w/o door (no pictures)
KRT-10C Endoscopy Transport Cart, with Glass door (no pictures)
KRT-10D Endoscopy Transport Cart, with Stainless Steel door (as in pictures)

This is one of our standard available carts ( require assembly).

UTCM-3 Stainless steel mobile utility cart, no pictures for now but put that description for now with 1″ / 25mm tubular frame with three shelves. Shelves with 1″ 25mm lip turned up on three sides and turned down on the front. Includes four swivel caster 5″ /125mm Dimensions:Width x Depth x Height 23.63″ x 15.75″ x 37.41″ /600mm x400mm x 950mm Top Shelf Height: 32.68″ /830mm Shelf Spacing: 13.4″/ 340mm.

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