To prevent costly fluid invasion it is crucial to leak test flexible scopes after EVERY use, and PRIOR to cleaning, high-level disinfection / sterilization, or immersing in any type of fluid. Whether using a hand-held leak tester, or an automated leak tester, the premise is to manually or mechanically put air into the scope. If there is a breach, or a leak in the scope, the air that is pumped in will “escape” from the leak point. Below are steps to perform an automatic leakage testing using our Flexible Endoscope Automatic Leakage Tester (AELT-1). With this device you can DRY TEST (leaks will cause the perssure reading on the screan to drop), or pin point the location of the leak with a WET TEST (when scope is immersed you will be able to observe “bubbles from escaping air at the leak point).

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