Products Suction and Irrigation Tube, Laser Channel, Blade Handle Injection and more.

Suction and Irrigation Tube with two lateral Trumpet Valves,Ø5 mm, WL 330 mm


Laser Channel Insert for EAI-0174


Blade Handle for EAI-0174

Adaptable Blades refer to EAI-0177 /EAI-0178/ EAI-0179


Adaptable Blades for Blade Handles EAI-0176 and EAI-0188

Rounded Blade Pointed Blade, straight Pointed Blade, curved
EAI-0177 EAI-0178 EAI-0179

Bipolar Electrodes, Outside-Ø 3 mm, WL 380 mm, designed for EAI-0174

Right Angle Electrode 15 mm Needle Electrode
EAI-0181 EAI-0185
20 mm Needle Electrode
10 mm Needle Electrode 30 mm Needle Electrode
EAI-0184 EAI-1398

Suction and Irrigation Tube, with two lateral Trumpet Valves, Outside-Ø 10 with 5 mm Instrument Channel, WL 330 mm

All monopolar HF-Electrodes of Series EAI-0234/ EAI-0236 /EAI-0238 / EAI-0240/ EAI-0242/ EAI-0244 / EAI-0245 E AI-0248 / are perfectly suited for use with the Suction-/Irrigation tube EAI-0187 (Page L7 )


Blade Handle,Ø5 mm, WL 380 mm for EAI-0187

Adaptable Blades refer to EAI-0177/EAI-0178/ EAI-0179


Bipolar Electrodes, Outside-Ø 5 mm, WL 380 mm, designed for EAI-0187