Program Description

Flexible and Rigid loaner program, should you have an equipment failure or an unanticipated increase in volume you do not need to worry because this program will support a near to none down time, simply you need a loaner to work with until your defaulted equipment is repaired or else, Endoch supply you the loaner in return of nominal subscription fee.

How It Works

Subject to the number of loaner program desired a contractual agreement is entered where Endoch supply clients with loaners against monthly fees.

To be eligible to subscribe to the loaner program and to help Endoch build up your loaner inventory clients are requested to supply the following details:

  • Number, make and models of existing scopes
  • Annual Number of forecasted studies segregated by discipline
  • History of breakdowns and repairs for the previous two years
  • Number and level of training of existing employees
  • Once the above data is collected Endoch builds Loaner inventory within 6 weeks, once the inventory is ready, clinet is notified and the program is on the go.

Loaner Policy

  • The customer assumes full responsibility for the replacement market value of the equipment while at the customer site.
  • The customer is responsible for damages to the loaner, normal wear and tear excepted, resulting from use and/or abuse of the equipment, and will be invoiced for those repairs
  • Examples of abnormal use include, but are not limited to visible impact damage such as cracked CCD lens, squashed insertion tube or broken connector
  • the customer agrees to clean and disinfect the loaner before using on patient using appropriate protocols and compatible reprocessing agent with the provided systems equipment,
  • The customer agrees to leak test the instrument before and after each use

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