Program Description

Repair AS YOU GO (RAG) is a very popular program for newly established and fluctuating volume endoscopy units, it speaks to operating costs and is only triggered as needed.

How It Works

It does not require prior-agreements or contracting, once any equipment is broken, it is shipped to Endoch Inc., equipment review, evaluation and an estimate of cost generated within two business days, once an estimate approval is received equipment us repaired within the said standard repair turnaround time frame.

Standard Repair Turnaround Time

From receiving of approved estimates

  • Minor repairs Rigid scopes is 4 business days
  • Major repairs Rigid scopes is 6 Business days
  • Minor repair Flexible scopes 2 business days
  • Major repairs Flexible scopes 5 Business days

Repair Warranty Standard

  • Repaired Flexible scopes are subject to three months warranty
  • Repaired camera on a Flexible scope is subject to six months warranty
  • Repaired Rigid scopes are subject to a six months warranty
  • All said warranty covers both labor and parts

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