Endoch Standard model container systems are designed to perfect steam flow and penetration for loads in accordance to the standards and can be used with single use paper filter or reusable PTFE(Teflon) filters. Superior construction made of anodized aluminium features an additional cover over the perforation field. This makes it particularly suitable for longer-storage or external transports. For storage over extended periods, the protective lid reduces the dust exposure of the filters.

Non Perforated

Safety Lids

01.34.11 01.34.13 01.34.15 01.34
01.34.11Y 01.34.13Y 01.34.15Y 01.34.Y
01.34.11R 01.34.13R 01.34.15R 01.34.R
01.34.11B 01.34.13B 01.34.15B 01.134.B
01.34.11G 01.34.13G 01.34.15G 01.34.G
01.34.11K 01.34.13K 01.34.15K  01.34.K
Outside Dimension 475x285x110nm 475x285x130mm 475x285x155mm  


Safety Lids

02.34.11 02.34.13 02.34.15 02.34
02.34.11Y 02.34.13Y 02.34.15Y 02.34.Y
02.34.11R 02.34.13R 02.34.15R 02.34.R
02.34.11B 02.34.13B 02.34.15B 02.34.B
02.34.11G 02.34.13G 02.34.15G 02.34.G
02.34.11K 02.34.13K 02.34.15K  02.34.K
Outside Dimension 475x285x110mm 475x285x130mm 475x285x155mm

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