Products Operations-Laparoscope, Automatic Valve Cannula, Trocar, Pyramidal Point and more.


Product No. Dimensions Working Channel
LS-1000.268A  10mm, L = 268 mm, 0° Ø 6 mm / L = 329 mm

Product No. Description
EAI-0092 Adaptor for Ø10 mm OP- Laparoscope with 1 Stopcock, incl. Sealing Cap
EAI-0064 Sealing Cap for Stopcock 5 pcs./pack

Ring Applicator for OP-Laparoscope, with Loading Set

Product No. Description
EAI-0051 Ø 6 mm, WL 330
EAI-0053 EAI-0052 Loading Set only, for EAI-0051 EAI-0052
EAI-0055 Silicon Rings, 50 pcs./pack