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Wound Closure Forceps, Outside-Ø 3.0 mm, WL 170 mm



– Reduces or eliminates the possibility of Trocar Site Hernia, Wound Dehiscence or Bleeding.
– Multiple Applications with Controlled Entry and Depth Safety Stopper
– Easy to Use, especially on obese patients
– Quality Reusable Instrument -Made in Germany


Grasp the suture with the middle of the jaw. The surgeon will position the instrument (with suture) next to the trocar cannula.
This procedure should be performed under laparascopic vision. It is necessary to leave an adequate length of suture in the peritoneal cavity so that the suture can easily be retrieved when reintroducing the instrument on the opposite side of the trocar site.

Once the suture is introduced satisfactorily it is released and remains under the peritoneum (1). Extract then the instrument and reintroduce it on the opposite side of the trocar cannula (2). Grasp the remaining suture with the instrument and extract it. Close the abdominal wall with the standard methods