Endoscope Repairs & Service

We service all major Brands and models of Flexible endoscopes. Upon arrival, all endoscopes undergo a comprehensive 36-point inspection to determine type and cause of damage.

Ultrasound Probe Repairs

We respond to you with the best possible solution every time–if we can fix your probe, we will. Actually 80% of probes we evaluate are quoted as ‘repairable’–no need to purchase a costly replacement.

Extended Warranty

Extended warranty program is good for all clients ; We call it worry free program, you keep equipment in a top notch condition, and you maintain your cost and you profit with you choice of suitable matching category to your needs.

Loaner Program

Should you have an equipment failure or an unanticipated increase in volume you do not need to worry because this program will support a near to none down time, simply you need a loaner to work with until your defaulted equipment is repaired.

Repair As You Go (RAG)

Repair AS YOU GO (RAG) is a very popular program for newly established and fluctuating volume endoscopy units, it speaks to operating costs and is only triggered as needed.

Training Program

We understand it is very important to protect your investment. With that in mind, we have developed an in-service program provided to our customers to ensure proper usage and handling of your equipment and prolong its life.

Request A Callback

Our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your needs.